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How to Fix the “Burnt” Vape Taste

With the advancement of the 21st century came the rise of E-cigarettes (or vapes, if you will). This low-risk nicotine delivery system gained popularity quickly, especially among younger crowds, over the course of a few years.

With technological advancements, however, comes technological problems. In the case of vaping, this comes in the form of often overlooked routine maintenance, parts replacement, and general TLC. 

In neglecting these care basics, you can begin to experience a whole host of problems with your device, including a signature “burnt” taste when you go to take a hit.

Don’t worry though, we have you covered. 

In this article, we’ll explain what exactly is causing that “burnt” taste, why it may be recurring, and what you can do to both repair and prevent it. 

What Causes the Burnt Vape Taste?

If you’ve told anyone else about your “burnt” taste issue, you’ve likely heard a single, resounding response far too many times: 

“Oh, you’ve just burnt your coils!” 

But what exactly does that mean? 

Well, first of all, you haven’t actually burned the coils themselves. Rather, you’ve burned the cotton wrapping around them known as the wick. This can happen for a few different reasons. 

You didn’t prime your coils (or didn’t prime them enough)

Priming your coils is imperative to the vaping process, especially with brand new units. This is the process of putting E-liquid into your device and allowing it to sit for a minimum of fifteen minutes. 

There are several reasons this is done, but the biggest reason is that it allows the juice to fully saturate the cotton. This creates an effective barrier so that, when heat is applied, you are vaping your juice, not your wick.

Your tank is consistently too empty

Inside your vape, you can see little ports lining the side of your coil head. This is designed to allow your coil wick to fully prime and extend the life of your mod. However, consistently letting the level of your E-liquid drop too low can cause your wick to dry out and burn. 

This drastically reduces the life of your entire coil set, so you’re much better off keeping your tank full and avoiding letting it drop below the ports if at all possible. 

Your wattage is too high

If you own a more advanced E-cig, you’ll notice numbers on the front screen panel followed by a small “W”. This is your wattage. 

Wattage is adjustable in pricier vapes so the owner has the option of tailoring their vapour to their exact taste and preferences. Consistently setting this too high, however, can cause your coils to burn out quicker and result in that dreaded taste. 

This is just a few of the most common reasons your vape is producing a taste that you’re less than fond of. Fortunately, if you have done any of these and your coils are toasted beyond repair, it doesn’t necessarily spell doom for your E-cig. All you need to do is replace the coils (or have a professional do it) and keep a careful watch on these basic maintenance rules to avoid a repeat of the “2021 Burnt Coil Meltdown Disaster.” 

Or, if you aren’t outrageously melodramatic, it’ll just help you avoid having to buy more coils every week.

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