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5 Vape Battery Safety Tips You Should Keep in Mind

If you’re new to the vaping community, the chances are high that you have questions. Even if you’ve been vaping a while, there are likely things you don’t know, especially regarding vape device batteries. 

Vape batteries are not like your average, everyday remote control Energizers. They are much more potent than typical household cells and need to be treated with care. While this may seem obvious to some, both new and veteran vapers are often introduced to the world of vapor devices with little to no knowledge on battery upkeep or maintenance.

For that purpose, we have created this short guide that details five vape battery safety tips you should keep in mind. Read on to discover the basics of vape battery safety. 

Tip #1: Keep an Eye on your Wraps

When you purchase a vape, you’ll notice the batteries come complete with wraps that go on them. These need to remain pristine. If you discover an imperfection or nick in your battery’s wrapping, though, don’t worry. It isn’t the end of the world. Battery wraps are easily replaceable and can be bought at most vape stores. Additionally, if you aren’t comfortable replacing the wrap yourself, many of them will do it for you free, and it only takes a minute or two. 

Tip #2: Use Battery Cases

When not in use, vape batteries should be kept in a secure, mild environment. Battery cases are excellent for this, and they come in all sorts of colors, sizes, and materials. If you aren’t looking for anything fancy, there are clear plastic and simple black cases available. If you’re looking for something a little more colorful, there are tons of those available as well. Not to mention, some places can even customize these cases to your design specifications!

Tip #3: Avoid Extreme Temperatures

Extreme temperatures are a vape battery’s worst nightmare. At best, too cold or too hot environments can cause your battery life to decrease drastically. At worst, your battery could explode. This is why it is essential to store your batteries at your home or office and never in your pocket, backpack, or car.

Tip #4: Use “Married” Batteries

Married is a term used to describe batteries of the same brand and wattage. If your vape uses multiple batteries, using them in married pairs can help improve your batteries’ longevity and performance while decreasing capacity and output imbalances. 

This is a safe practice, and we don’t recommend using batteries out of married pairs. 

Tip #5: Don’t Be Afraid to Recycle and Replace

Lastly, it is important to note that, no matter how much you care for and protect your batteries, they will eventually run out of juice. Lith-Ion batteries are only good for a certain number of uses, so before you start thinking there may be something wrong with your vape and head out to buy a new one, try replacing the batteries first. 

If the batteries do need replacing, make sure to recycle them according to their package instructions. Throwing them away can cause them to short circuit and cause a fire. 

Plus, it’s just good for the environment.

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